What is Halftime?

Halftime is a time to pause, reflect and discover what we want to achieve in the second half of our life. It is about leaving a legacy and re-directing some of our time, talent and resources toward something more significant.

How we can help

Halftime can help you discover and clarify your life purpose and plan for your second half. To explore parallel career opportunities and re-define your goals, try one of our proven and effective programs on offer.

Get started today!

We run information sessions about our programs in Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. These sessions give you the opportunity to explore the many pathways available as you begin your journey from ‘Success to Significance’.


“I feel like my new vocation/career is slowly being clarified, the pieces coming into place like a jigsaw puzzle!” – Ngareta L, Sydney



“It was a superb homecoming for me. I guess I have changed significantly. It was impossible to convey even a tenth of what had happened in that short time-frame.” – Mel F, Tasmania

“I had no idea what to expect but it ended being the ideal way for me to engage in an honest evaluation of my life. Importantly, it guided me in thinking through what I really wanted to focus on for the next 30 years of my life.” – Mark C, Queensland

“Looking back, there are certain landmarks in your life, and Just5 was one of my major landmarks.” – Peter S, Melbourne

“I didn’t know why I was on the trip, but it all makes sense now. Have I been stretched? YES! Have I gone beyond the boundaries I normally set for myself? YES! Have I done things I thought I would never do in my entire life? You BETCHA!!!” – James C, Queensland