David Clark

David Clark – Executive Coach

David loves identifying people’s uniqueness and helping them use this to reach their full potential.

David Clark made his own Halftime transition after his senior management role in a successful company concluded when the company was purchased by a multi-national enterprise.

David has a breadth of experience in numerous corporate and not for profit entities. After years of coaching business owners and leaders, David has developed the view that identifying and playing to individuals’ strengths and motivations is key to producing outstanding results. He ensures that his clients grow in their understanding of themselves and how others perceive them before developing a plan for their second half.

David uses the Innervision DNA tool to help facilitate his coaching service. The tool has been scientifically developed to provide quality feedback for the Halftime journey process and ensure relationships are handled effectively throughout the change process.

David is passionate about helping Halftimers discover what their life might look like if they followed their true calling and reached their potential. He is an excellent and a fun facilitator. He is actively involved in his local community and loves helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives.

David lives in Launceston Tasmania with his wife, Janene, and their two children. He enjoys all sports and he and his family can often be found at the beach.