John Hardy

John Hardy – Executive Coach

John thrives on helping business owners and leaders find solutions.

John thrives on coaching business owners and leaders to find the point of insight that will enable them to know and understand their own solutions in order to move forward.

John has coached and developed strategies for hundred’s of people in both business and Not for Profit organisations over the last 25 years. He offers considerable across-the-board commercial experience and life skills.

His passion for people has seen him travel throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Singapore as a mentor, coach and speaker. John is also an active board member of the Bible Society Australia and chair of ‘Youthcare’. John has a pioneering spirit. Change management is his forte, coupled with coaching skills in both the boardroom and on the field of play. He sees sport as a metaphor for the challenge of getting the best out of individuals, and motivating them to excel.

John has been through his own Halftime journey and discovery – to his cost as well as to his advantage. The experience of making mistakes is all part of growth, building understanding and effecting necessary changes. This led him to attend the Halftime Executive Roundtable and become equipped to not only move his own life from success to significance but a desire to do the same for others he coaches.

These days the notion of ‘legacy’ underpins John’s work and beliefs. “We help clients understand that we’ve been on the same journey of defining and understanding our life purpose”. John has been happily married to Patti for 32 years and they have three adult children.