Sneak peek at John Sikkema talking about money

John Sikkema (chairman of Halftime Australia) joined Bigger Questions host Robert Martin for a lunchtime conversation on 30th August where they discussed the big question, 'How much money is enough?'

Here is a quick preview of a couple of parts of their conversation.

The full conversation will be broadcast at 9pm on 89.9 Light FM on Sunday 8th October. The podcast will be released once the show has been broadcast.

Money isn’t everything

For Melbourne-based executive coach John Sikkema, it took the realisation that it’s not all about the dollars to change his life.

What’s the name of your company, and what does it do? My company is called Halftime Australia, and it’s a values-based specialist executive coaching organisation that addresses the growing need among Australian business leaders and owners to pursue more than success.

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The story behind the man

Founder and President of Empart - Jossy Chacko

An amazing story of one man’s life being turned around in one experience.  Jossy shares his story of discovering a life of purpose and significance which caused him to pursue a completely different and dynamic lifestyle and direction.  Be inspired as you watch this video. 

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Am I in Halftime?

When success no longer satisfies . . . when the next big business deal doesn’t send your pulse racing . . . when words like “meaning” and “significance” ring loudest and thoughts of more years of “winning” sound hollow, you’re close.

Some events and milestones may trigger you reaching your “halftime”, ie:

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Challenged with the issue of significance

A journey of discovering a life purpose
At the age of 42, Peter Sypkes decided to sell his very successful business. Peter was then challenged with the issue of significance and started to ask the question “Why have I been successful, why have I been given what I have been given?”
On the JUST5 Tour, Peter unpacked these questions and has stepped into a parallel career with great clarity.

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Are you in Halftime?

In what way are you currently at a turning point in your life? What influences or events are leading you to think a new direction or a change is in order?  If every living thing God creates is unique, then it makes sense that every Halftimer’s second-half calling would be unique as well. And that’s certainly what we have observed. Although each person’s calling is unique, the process they go through to gain clarity about their second-half is remarkably predictable.  So, over time, we’ve come to trust this “process of discovery”.

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"India! Never in a million years!"


One man’s experience of the JUST5 tour to India. Queensland Businessman and Financial Planner James Crompton shares his personal journey from a life of success to a life rich with significance. If you are thinking about going on the JUST5 tour watch this short video.

The JUST5 tour took him to the unlikely place of North India for an experience that he will never forget.

Stages of the Journey

Face it. You’ve done a lot of things in your life. But navigating through midlife isn’t one of them. That’s an experience you only do once.

If you want to pursue the journey from success to significance, learning from the experiences of others—those who have “been there and done that”—is a good place to start. Over the past 10 years, we have identified four distinct stages of the halftime journey. Different individuals move forward in their own time and in their own way. But the fundamental process is remarkably consistent for all halftimers.

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Catalyst for a philanthropic enterprise

Sometimes tragedy can jolt us to refocus and change our perspective. Tim and Sharon O’Neil share their Halftime Journey. 

Together as a couple, they have pursued to make their second half of their lives better than the first.