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Who is Halftime Australia?

Halftime Australia is a registered Australian Not-For-Profit Organisation committed to envisioning and empowering business and community leaders to make a positive impact and influence in the marketplace and community. Guided by Christian Principles and Values, Halftime Australia provides coaching and mentoring services and programs to individuals and companies to help align purpose to business mission and objectives.

Who is Halftime for?


Halftime is for professionals, leaders and business owners who are looking to move beyond success, to lead lives of greater significance. Halftime provides the guidance, program and framework for those willing to re-examine their lives and make the transition from success to significance. Recommended reading ‘Are you in Halftime?’

How do I get started?

You can contact Halftime Australia either by phone 1800 256 545 or email info@halftime.org.au or fill out the online form here. Once you have contacted us, we will start the process and help you determine your best course of action and which Halftime program would be best suited to you based on your needs and objectives.

What Halftime program should I embark on first?

You have two options – professional one-on-one coaching (Executive Coaching) or a 12-month group coaching program (Executive Roundtable). Your choice is dependent on your individual circumstance and whether or not there is an Executive Roundtable in your area and when it is due to commence. Contact us and we will help you determine where to start.

Can I participate in several programs simultaneously?

You can participate in two programs simultaneously or sequentially if you desire. For example, some participants in the Executive Roundtable request more one-on-one coaching sessions than is allocated by program. These can be scheduled either during or once the Executive Roundtable program has concluded.

How do I find out if there is an Executive Roundtable in my area?

If you are interested in the Executive Roundtable program, contact us and we will let you know when the next one is scheduled in your area. Currently we have groups running in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Tasmania, Perth and plans for Adelaide are in the pipeline.

How will I be matched up with my coach – is this determined by geographic location or interests?

We have coaches that are located in different parts of Australia and travel frequently, therefore location is usually not a problem. Once we have an idea of your needs and your geographical location we will recommend the most suitable coach. Coaching sessions can be done in person or via video Skype. In some instances, depending on how remote the location a person lives, you might never meet the coach in person. However, if participants prefer face to face coaching this can be organised.

How have the lives of Halftime program participants changed? Have they gone on to do different things?

We have countless testimonials of how people’s lives have changed and of business and community leaders who have gone on to play an integral role in transforming the lives of others. Please take a moment to read through the testimonials.

Does taking on the Halftime journey mean I’ll have to give up my job, sell my business, or enter a NFP organisation fulltime?

Not at all! The point of Halftime is to bring clarity, which may or may not effect change. Some people return to their current work with renewed purpose and energy. Others decide to take on a different journey which might include a change of job, or taking on a parallel career or volunteer opportunity.

What’s the history of the Halftime organisation?

Bob Buford never intended to start an organisation. But in his 40s, while still flying high in business, other life priorities caught up with him. A friend acted as mentor, and over the next many months, working to answer several key questions and conducting “seismic testing,” Bob realised he had marked out a journey into his second half. By 1995 Bob’s path had codified into a philosophy about experience, knowing oneself, God, life significance, and the astounding possibilities in life’s second half. He tells his story his book Halftime(almost 1M sold), which led, in 1997, to his founding the Halftime organisation, so that marketplace leaders and professionals could do what he did: clear their minds and make the space to ask the hard questions and start the relationships that could help channel a world of first half achievement into a second half far better.

Is the Halftime journey just for the wealthy?

The Halftime journey best serves people with some degree of influence or affluence, who want to make a difference in the world and are currently dissatisfied with where they are at in life. The principles that help us grasp our life purpose cross all socioeconomic lines and the Halftime journey helps bring clarity and purpose to people’s lives. Enquire or sign up here.

Is the Executive Roundtable a typical seminar where I just sit, listen and take notes?

No. The Executive Roundtable is hands-on and requires you to be actively involved and take ownership of your own journey with the facilitation of the professional coach and the framework of the program. It uses a unique collaborative process that requires you to think from different perspectives, problem solve using both sides of your brain and learn as you bring your best insights to your fellow participants planning process. The combination of process, compelling stories of what others are doing, best practices and the wisdom and experience of the Halftime team make this a winning combination.

Should I bring my spouse to the Executive Roundtable?

If your spouse is actively exploring how to use his or her time and talent in their second half, then coming together is a great idea. If they are not, we encourage you to explore it on your own and keep them in the loop while you’re on the journey. Sometimes it’s best to be involved in the Executive Roundtable as an individual so that you have the freedom to explore areas without the limitations that can sometimes come from those who are close to us.

Is the Executive Roundtable like group therapy?

The Executive Roundtable is not group therapy, but it is the best of team thinking. It’s your peers thinking with you, and your mentors sharing the best practices of successful men and women who have gone before you. What you say depends on your comfort level as you give and take on input, ideas, and questions.

Do most Halftime participants leave the programs with complete clarity regarding their second half?

Most are surprised by the amount of clarity for their life purpose they gain through the different programs. Everyone in the programs moves forward in their Halftime journey, some move further than others depending on the investment they make in in and outside the program structure. Ongoing coaching service is also available for people that need further assistance with their Halftime journey.

I’ve enjoyed a level of success in my life, but I feel like something is missing. Where do I start?


Two simple steps will start your journey. We recommend that you read the Halftime book by Bob Buford and/or contact us to explore the right Halftime program for you. Our expertise and experience will save you time and help you avoid potential pitfalls. Call 1800 256 545 or complete an enquiry form.