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“I feel like my new vocation/career is slowly being clarified, the pieces coming into place like a jigsaw puzzle.”

Ngareta Linehan

Principal Recruitment company, Sydney

“It was a superb homecoming for me. My husband’s constant refrain was ‘I don’t know who you are…’ meaning, I guess that I have changed significantly. It was impossible to convey even a tenth of what had happened in that short time-frame.”

Mel Flynn Project Management, TAS

“A few years ago, I attended the GREAT LEAP at the Halftime Institute in Dallas, Texas. I had no idea what to expect but it ended up being the ideal way for me to engage in an honest evaluation of my life. Importantly, it guided me in thinking through what I really wanted to focus on for the next 30 years of my life. It was intellectually and spiritually stimulating, and incredibly practical. The real benefit was that it forced me to work through a series of challenging questions that ultimately prepared me for my next season. I ended up transitioning out of a high profile leadership role into what I believe will be my most unique and best contribution.”

Mark Conner

Speaker, Author & Coach. Sunshine Coast, Qld

“Looking back, there are certain landmarks in your life and Halftime Australia’s Just5 was one of those major landmarks.”

Peter Sypkes

“I didn’t know why I was on the trip but it all makes sense now. Have I been stretched? YES! Have I gone beyond the boundaries I normally set for myself? YES! Have I done things I thought I would never do in my entire life? You Betcha!”

J.Crompton, QLD