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When success no longer satisfies . . . when the next big business deal doesn’t send your pulse racing . . . when words like “meaning” and “significance” ring loudest and thoughts of more years of “winning” sound hollow, you’re close.

Some events and milestones may trigger you reaching your “halftime”, ie:

  • Reaching a certain age
  • Selling a business, retirement, corporate downsizing
  • A bad medical report
  • Transitioning into empty nesting
  • Death of a friend or family member

Ironically one big Halftime trigger may be success itself: the new quarter’s earnings or your net worth no longer stir the old enthusiasm. For some people, the end of a relationship is the turning point.

When you find yourself thinking there must be more, and you’re ready to find out what “more” means for you, you’re ready for Halftime.

Bob Buford never intended to start an organisation. However, in his 40s, while still flying high in business, his priorities changed. With a friend as mentor, over many months, he conducted his own “seismic testing and in the process marked out a journey for his second half. By 1995 Bob’s path had codified into a philosophy about experience, knowing oneself, God, life significance, and the astounding possibilities in life’s second half. He tells his story in his book Halftime (almost 1M sold), which led, in 1997, to his founding the Halftime organisation, so that marketplace leaders and professionals could do what he did: clear their minds and make the space to ask the hard questions and start the relationships that could help channel a world of first half achievement into a second half far better.