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In what way are you currently at a turning point in your life? What influences or events are leading you to think a new direction or a change is in order? If every living thing God creates is unique, then it makes sense that every Halftimer’s second-half calling would be unique as well. And that’s certainly what we have observed. Although each person’s calling is unique, the process they go through to gain clarity about their second-half is remarkably predictable. So, over time, we’ve come to trust this “process of discovery”.

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There are four stages of the Halftime journey and you’ll need something different at each of these stages: Discovering Vision; Guided Reflection; Diverse Exposure and Enduring Impact. Through each of these four stages there are three primary issues to which Halftimers need to find answers: Core (your passions and strengths), Capacity (margin in your time, talent and treasure to live our your mission) and Context (the organization, setting and role that’s your second-half sweet spot to carry out your mission).