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Virtual Roundtable facilitated by Diane Spicer commencing Summer 2023
One of the most popular services Halftime Australia provides is the 12-month Executive Roundtable program which is run by one of our specialist coaches. It provides participants with the opportunity to talk about, and share, their journey of discovery for half a day each month.

Each group is limited to 8-10 people and participants are equipped with tools and resources to assist with the process. The healthiest Halftimers do not travel the road alone. Rather, they connect with peers embarking on a similar journey while also learning from mentors who have successfully made it to the other side.

The program is designed for men and women who are serious about transitioning from ‘success to significance’™.
Bob Buford, founder of the Halftime organisation and author of Halftime, Game Plan and Finishing Well has often said that the journey from success to significance happens “locally, with others and over time.”

The resources and manuals used in the program have been developed by Halftime USA, who have assisted thousands of Halftimers in their journey. It includes ten half-day group sessions, four one-on-one coaching sessions and an evening couples/partners dinner.

The Executive Roundtable program currently operates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Tasmania. We hold information sessions in various cities across Australia so you can learn more about the Executive Roundtable program.

For more details about the programme, or to register for an Info Session, please register your interest through the link below.

Executive Roundtable FAQ

Watch a 70-second video on the Halftime process covered in the Executive Roundtable program.

The Halftime Journey