Innervision DNA is an in-depth diagnostic tool that uncovers an individual’s Behaviours, Motivators and Attributes. The tool is aimed at increasing self-awareness and providing you with insight into what drives and motivates you. Based on 80 years of research, the diagnostic tool is extremely reliable and is a highly regarded management tool.


You will be required to complete an online questionnaire which takes approximately 30 minutes. Three days later you will receive a comprehensive assessment and a one-on-one briefing with a Halftime Coach. The purpose of the briefing will be to delve more deeply into the report and increase your understanding of how to interpret the results.

The report will highlight:

  • Your value to an organisation
  • Areas of self-improvement
  • How best to communicate with you
  • How your values impact on the workplace
  • Your ideal work environment
  • Your key motivators
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategies for self-management
  • Your core skills assessment relative to global benchmarks

The Innervision DNA will provide you with insight into what makes you tick and how you can use this to assist in the development of your personal strategy. Innervision DNA can be used as a one-off product for individuals and companies for their staff. It is extremely valuable as a management and leadership tool in business.

We highly recommend Innervision DNA to compliment our other services, in particular the Executive Roundtable and Life Purpose Coaching programs.

Packages for leadership and business teams are available on request.

Contact Halftime Australia today for more details about Innervision DNA.