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Is God CEO, Or Am I?

On March 19, 2020, Fantastic Aussie Tours employed approximately 40 people and owned 16 buses. Our biggest money-spinner, the double-decker Blue Mountains Explorer Bus sightseeing fleet, transported 65,000 passengers each year around a sightseeing route between the historic tourist towns of Katoomba and Leura. Most were international visitors, with a small but solid stream of interstate guests.

On March 20, 2020, Australia locked its borders to the world. The effect on Blue Mountains Explorer Bus was immediate and crippling. On March 31, the first Sydney lockdown was announced. The charter bus and coach arm of our business, Fantastic Aussie Tours, stalled too as school, university and corporate groups were grounded. Our passion, Christian Fellowship Tours (CFT) which ran international and interstate tours, also remained parked in the depot.

You can imagine my worry.

I prayed more than ever, read the Bible more than ever and pleaded for wisdom.

The message back was clear: don’t focus on what to do but on what not to do. I was prompted to stop chasing status and frequent flyer points.

For the first time in months, I felt calm and drew closer to God.

Just before that time, I had joined the business-mentoring program Business on Purpose with Peter Irvine and John Sikkema, which I found incredibly supportive.

One of the challenges I faced was the question of how I should go forward as a Christian in business, running an obvious Christian business (Christian Fellowship Tours).

Should I give up the secular business (Blue Mountains Explorer Bus) to focus on the Christian one?

Peter Irvine’s answer was clear – all my businesses should be treated as kingdom businesses.

This led me to work more with the Halftime Institute’s Sikkema and Glenn Williams.

I finished the course, but the struggle now is harder than ever.

When you put God first, it is easy to say you don’t need to worry because God will provide for you and has a perfect plan for your life.

The reality is that you as an entrepreneur must also take responsibility.

Some people believe that God is their CEO.

But I believe that the Christian in business is the CEO – supported and looked after by God.

So where is my business now under my leadership, with God’s support and care? Read the full article here.


Jason Cronshaw is managing director of tour and coach company Fantastic Aussie Tours, which owns Blue Mountains Explorer Bus sightseeing fleet and Christian Fellowship Tours international tour company. He has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of NSW, is a non-executive director of Tinpac packaging company, president of Blue Mountains Tourism and attends Holy Trinity Anglican Church at Wentworth Falls NSW with his family.

This article was originally published on eternitynews.com.au in August 2021. To read the article on the website, please click here.