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Life Vision Sessions

At Halftime Australia we believe that each of us holds within us a unique God given talent. However, we live with a lot of ‘noise’, and one could say an over-supply of information (which on its own can be very useful) makes getting clarity on our purpose and a clear plan for our lives more complex than ever.


In this one-hour session we will work with you to help you unpack and discover your unique life purpose and calling by –

  1. Understanding your individual context. We are all unique with our own individual DNA and purpose. Leverage insights from your journey and achievements, and the hopes and aspirations you have for the future. With specific questions designed to help you self-reflect and become more self- aware.
  2. Helping to provide clarity around your passion and life vision. We look at your skills, experience, values, and specifically your beliefs and faith, to help you start the process of discovering your unique calling and purpose that ultimately will produce a lasting legacy.
  3. Plan a way forward. Once you have clarity on your life purpose and calling, the obvious next step is to develop an action plan that focuses on the changes you need to make to get you started.