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Is God CEO, or am I?

Is God CEO, Or Am I? On March 19, 2020, Fantastic Aussie Tours employed approximately 40 people and owned 16 buses. Our biggest money-spinner, the double-decker Blue Mountains Explorer Bus sightseeing fleet, transported 65,000 passengers each year around a sightseeing...

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Halftime Stories | Steve Lawrence

“Our culture says to us, “When you get into your forties and fifties you start to go downhill”, but the presupposition of Halftime is the opposite – that the second half will actually be MORE significant than the first half.” ~ In this episode of Halftime Australia's...

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Halftime Stories | Peter Wakelam

“Anyone that is facing the need to explore the second half of their life in a positive way – Halftime is the greatest vehicle.” ~ In this episode of Halftime Australia's "ALUMNI STORIES," Peter Wakelam shares with us how the 12-Month Halftime Executive Roundtable was...

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Halftime Stories | Andrew & Melissa Russell

“So many couples are living parallel lives and they don’t really cross over. The emphasis of the course was to find that one thing that is the crossover point that you can do together that is significant.” ~ In this episode of Halftime Australia's "ALUMNI STORIES,"...

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